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Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia, United States
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This place is great for buying International Food. Plus prices are very affordable. I am reviewing this place because I like it and I think is just a great place. Why? Because they sell fresh seafood. Fish, Shrimp's, Oyster's and many other kind of fish. Just be careful with expiration dates on some stuff plus the fruit and vegetables be very careful that they are fresh and look good. I give this place a 8 out of 10 because they got fresh fish at a great low price.

The fruit's and vegetables also are great low prices plus many other stuff. The place is kind of big just that the cashier's need a better mood. A better happy atmosphere would be great. A place where they greet you would be nice. The cashier's don't greet you here like hi how are you or anything. I think every establishment to have some classes on how to greet people.

Other than that is a great place to buy your International Food.

16593 River Ridge Blvd.
Woodbridge VA 22191
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